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Monthly accounting report for overseas headquarter.

We send a monthly report by 5th working day of the next month.

1.Sample of English accounting format.

A MNC (Multinational company) prepare a monthly consolidate accounting report on a first week of the following month. so that a management do PDCA(Plan→Do→Check→Action). Controller or CFO of the headquarter requires speedy report rather than correctness.

We will provide a monthly accounting report in English by 5th working day of the following month.

2.HQ's format is used depending on a request.

We also can prepare Departmental profit and loss account or other kind. Quarterly basis report is OK on your request..

3.Direct communication with overseas headquarters.

india photoWe communicate with overseas in charge person for tax and accounting issues by Skype etc.

When the in charge person for tax and accounting comes to Japan, we would be happy to meet you as much as possible.

(Mumbai India Nov 2017)